The Kampani Difference

A social impact investment fund working to unlock the potential of entrepreneurial farming in the South

Kampani is a pioneering way to fight poverty and promote development.  It invests in businesses of producer organisations of smallholder farmers in the South.  The investment targets can be businesses or cooperatives which produce, process, trade and/or market agro supply, farming products and their derivatives.

Kampani stands out from other social investors thanks to an audacious combination of strategic choices:

  • Investing directly and strengthening the balance sheet of the investee through the use of equity or quasi-equity
  • A long investment horizon of up to 10 years
  • Only in the agro-food value chain
  • Active involvement in the governance of the investee
  • Small investment amounts (100k to 500k euros); add-on investments for successful partnerships can lead to a total investment of up to 1M euros

By targeting this part of the missing middle, Kampani aims to:

  • increase the farmers’ income
  • improve the farmers’ position in agricultural product chains
  • contribute to the development of their communities

The social impact is a crucial part of the investment decision-making.

Kampani gives equal weight to the social impact on smallholder farmers and to the financial return on investment.