Business expansion, especially for those that have been operating in more informal capacities, requires significant training and technical assistance (TA) to ensure that operations can scale up and remain sustainable. This TA comes in a variety of forms, from financial literacy education to equipment use training. While a key component of Kampani’s model is our NGO shareholders’ active role in these spaces, they are not always able to provide all needed services or cover all costs.

With the goal of minimizing the cost burdens of such activities for our investees, Kampani has set up a Technical Assistance Facility Fund to raise money through grants and private donors. If you are interested in contributing to this fund to support our farmers’ growth, Kampani welcomes your generosity.

We can receive gifts with a tax incentive via the King Baudouin Foundation (KBS):

Please note that to make sure KBS can identify the gifts made are earmarked for Kampani, they require the specific communication code shown below.

All transactions for Kampani made through the KBS (with fiscal attest) should be made to:


Beneficiary: Fondation Roi Baudouin/Koning Boudewijn Stichting;

IBAN: BE10 0000 0000 0404 (Banque de la Poste) ;

With the communication: 017/1880/00175.


The KBS will send you a thank you letter and provide the fiscal attest.

If you are not in need of tax incentive, you can wire your donation straight to the Alterfin Guarantee Fund with whom we have an agreement in this regard.


Beneficiary: Alterfin Guarantee Fund;

IBAN: BE34 7340 5798 5090 (KBC Bank);

With the communication: “gift to Kampani”


Please be assured that there are multiple securities in place to assure that there is never any risk of money earmarked for Kampani being used by Alterfin for other purposes.

Thank you from Kampani and our farmers!