Are you interested in investing with Kampani?

Kampani is a revolving fund (open ended), using a holding structure. Given the investment strategy, we believe the sweet spot of our economies of scale is a fund size of 20M EUR. Once fully invested, we will have around 50 deals in portfolio (as of early 2024, our fund size is over 14M EUR and there are currently 21 deals in implementation). In terms of the financial return for Kampani’s shareholders, we target capital preservation.

Our fundraising strategy has the following features:
• To maximise cohesion among shareholders: entry at nominal value plus issuance premium
• Representation on the Board of Kampani and/or in its IC can be considered.
• Standstill for 5 years
• Shareholders can sell their stake at price agreed upon between parties (pre-emptive rights for existing shareholders and subject to Board approval)
• Liquidity moments will be organised at set intervals (subject to and to the extent of exits) via an asymmetric capital decrease (based on independent valuation)

Kampani is set up like a commercial growth capital fund, with the same discipline in the fund management and investment decision making, yet adapted to the particularities of producer organisations in Africa, Asia and Latin America.

It has raised capital from a consortium of the King Baudouin Foundation, private individuals, social investors and NGOs, a combination which offers the greatest chance for success. The private investors bring the discipline of the market and business acumen and they ensure proper and qualitative due diligence and risk management. The NGO shareholders identify potential deals and bring the logic and constraints of the developing world into the investment decision-making. They also represent Kampani’s eyes and ears on the ground post-deal. Operationally, Kampani works with a small number of close partners with on-the-ground presence to carry out due diligence.

Please contact Executive Director, Wouter Vandersypen to discuss this opportunity.

He can be reached at or +32 486 45 39 95